Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday's Telling: Woods Humane Society

Today we are going local, with Woods Humane Society.  My first encounter with Woods was for training -- after the Morro Bay experience.  I was very impressed with the staff, who works very hard to inform and instruct the public on how to be a responsible pet owner, and to ensure that animals taken into the shelter are placed in good homes.  According to their website,
Woods Human Society Is a nonprofit, privately funded organization dedicated to the humane care of unwanted animals in San Luis Obispo County. Our Staff, volunteers, and board of directors are dedicated to upholding our Mission and preserving the welfare of our present and future animals.

While we cooperate with the State Humane Association of California, the American Humane Association, and The Humane Society of the United States, Woods does not receive financial support from them. Only 20% of our revenues to care for the animals are generated by service fees, the other 80% is generated from fund-raising events, grants, wills, and mainly community donations.

Woods Humane Society is proud to be a leader among the nation’s humane organizations. Thanks to loyal and broad-based community support, and the diligent efforts of our dedicated staff and volunteers, Woods placement rate in fiscal 07/08 was 94%, an outstanding achievement.

None of this work could be completed without the incredible support of our community and our wonderful volunteers.
Woods currently has a number of dogs and cats available for adoption, and those featured on last week's KSTT radio's Furry Friend Friday are:

Diesel, a 3-year-old Shepherd Mix who has called Woods Humane Society his home since December. Diesel wears a beautiful brindled coat, is neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped, and leash trained. A high-energy dog—Diesel is looking for an active family. He will make a great jogging partner. Diesel participates in the shelter’s offsite program and gets to leave with our volunteers for hikes up Bishop’s Peak and trips to the beach. Originating as a transfer from the county Animal Services Division, Diesel has advanced quickly through his obedience work and training. He absolutely loves human attention and actively seeks out love. Diesel is a great dog that is being overlooked out here at the shelter. If you are an active person looking for an active K9 companion, please stop by Woods Humane Society and spend some time getting to know Diesel.

Mr Green, a 1-year-old flat-coated retriever who transferred in to our adoption program in January. Mr. Green is neutered, current on vaccinations, and micro chipped. Most likely house broken, he is good on a leash and great with kids. Characteristic of his breed—Mr. Green has a high level of energy and is looking for an active home with room to run. He will make an amazing jogging or hiking partner. Mr. Green is not dealing with the inherent stress of kennel life very well and is desperately seeking a new and loving home to call his own. If you are an active person looking for a dog that can keep up with you, please consider stopping by Woods Humane Society and spend some time getting to know Mr. Green. Oh and he said that it is perfectly ok to change his name.

and Trooper, a 5-year-old tan and white Corgi-Basset Hound Mix (Corset) who is a guest of Woods since December. Trooper is a sweet dog that is neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped, and leash trained. He is a little shy, but quickly warms up to anyone willing to give him a pat on the head. He rides very well in the car, gets along great with other dogs, and is perfect for someone looking for a quite, mellow dog that is easy to manage. Very responsive to treats and affection, Trooper would be great for a smaller home with older/considerate children. Recently, Trooper accompanied a pack of dogs and Woods Volunteers out for a night with the Central Coast Roller Derby Girls. He performed wonderfully at the event and has since become one of the shelter’s handpicked Pet Visitation K9 Ambassadors. A bit of a conversation starter, at first glance most people think that Trooper is cross-eyed. In reality, he just has a unique coloring to his eyes. Trooper wants nothing more than to find a sweetheart this Valentine’s Day so if you are looking for a companion that enjoys long walks on the beach, watching the sunset, and curling up to snuggle and watch a movie, consider stopping by Woods Humane Society and spend some time getting to know this great little dog.

I recognize that adoption is a big step, but if you are looking to add a dog or cat to your family, please consider a pet from Woods.  If you can't adopt, there are several ways you can still support their cause: 1) you can volunteer, 2) you can donate directly to Woods, 3) you can drop off dog treats or hard chew toys, and 4) you can purchase PawPrintArt cards & prints and 30% of the profits from March/April sales will be donated to Woods Humane Society.

And now, speaking of PawPrintArt, I am introducing a new form of PawPrintArt.  I mentioned it briefly in another posting, it is painted entirely from a digital PawPrint brush that my hu-mom created from my paw print.  Here is our first portrait...

-- it is of my Dad, Ruckus, when he was just a pup.  He is a purebred Golden Retriever and quite dashing, if I do say so myself. 

Well, thanks for letting me share about Woods, and remember, "An animals eyes have the power to speak a great language."  ~Martin Buber


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