Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday's Weave: Yesterday's Mission

Last night I went on a run with my hu-man.  That in itself is not unusual, but last nights route was different -- we were on a mission.  You see, we ran to Kip's veterinarian's office to pick up Kip's medications.

Kip has had quite the life -- I have shared about him being a guard dog, before my humans took him in.  He went from being a fat outside dog chained to a shed, to a dog who was taken on walks...and eventually short runs...and invited into the house.  Kip has become an integral part of our family and as a member of the family his care and medical care are of utmost importance.

We have learned over the years that Kip is susceptible to tumors.  He has several benign tumors on the outside of his body, but two years ago he started "acting funny" and his vet diagnosed him with a splenic tumor.  My humans had planned to go to Italy to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, but Kip needed surgery and instead of going to Italy, they funded Kip's surgery.  Poor Kip, it turned out that he had a 10 lb. tumor removed from his abdominal region.

Kip was given medication and a 50/50 chance of "making it."  Well two years have passed and I am happy to report that Kip is still with us.  Yes he is showing signs of aging, and he has developed a rather large adipose (fatty) tumor on the right side of his chest that can't be operated on, (because his vet doesn't think he can handle the anesthesia or surgery), but he gets his multiple medications twice a day, and he is well cared for and loved on by our hu-mom and hu-man.

Our mission was an important one.  I'm thankful that I have Kip and will gladly run to his veterinarian's office to pick up refills of the medications that keep him going.  ~Zoe

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