Monday, January 11, 2010

Chapter 10: Graduation Day

After weeks of puppy kindergarten, graduation day finally arrived.  My hu-mom packed up the car and we drove to the campus for a final "test" of our skills, followed by a graduation ceremony. 

The test included being put through the paces...and we were required to follow through on each of the commands learned over the past weeks: sit, stay, down come, stay, etc.  I passed and my hu-mom was given my sheepskin...ahem, I mean diploma (sorry all you little lambies out there!).

My graduation day...such a proud day, yet such a humiliating day.  You see, the only other dogs who "stuck with it" through to graduation day were the chihuahuas.  One of my classmates humans was very proud of her little one's accomplishment and made a special graduation hat "for the official graduation photo."  The mortarboard was passed around so we could ALL have photos taken to mark the special day.  All I can say is I know how Marmaduke feels, for I was truly a giant amongst a class of miniatures on my graduation day....

And so here it proudest...yet most humbling moment captured on film...


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