Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday's Tip: Surviving the Winter Months

Living in sunny (hah!) California, I am used to getting out and getting exercise.  But it has been raining (a lot) lately, and my humans have been challenged about making sure I don't become a couch potato. 

Cesar Milan recently posted an article on how to survive the winter months in certain parts of the country, and gave some excellent advice on "Indoor Exercise".  Essentially he challenges humans to get creative and find ways to keep your canines moving.

Our house has a fairly open format, so my hu-mom and hu-man will play indoor fetch with me.  They will throw the ball from one room to another and I'll run and "get it", then bring it back for them to do it again.  My hu-mom will also take me in one room of the house, ask me to "sit" and "stay", then she will go into another part of the house and yell, "come!"  I always take off on a dead run to find her and as soon as I do, she gives me a big scratch behind my ear, tells me I'm a good girl, and we do it all over again...and again... 

We also play tug (my favorite!) or I'll be asked to perform all of the tricks I have learned.

So, as you can see, snow and rain don't relegate you to the couch -- there is great fun and exercise to be had indoors too! 

How do you keep fit during the winter?  I would love to hear about it.  ~Zoe

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