Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday's Telling: WharWolves...

A couple of years ago my humans had the opportunity to "Walk with Wolves" -- a program offered through a local wolf rescue agency that allows you to go on an educational hike to learn about wolves, and actually walk with them.  They said it was a little unnerving, but a truly unforgettable experience.  The walk was organized through WHAR Wolf Rescue in Paso Robles, CA.  The organization was established to provide education and be a rescue and resource facility for captive born part and full blood wolves, and has grown to service not just our local area, but the seven western states.

The WHAR Wolf Rescue describes their mission as...
offering "animals for adoption both to sponsor or to take home, WHAR Wolf Rescue lends guidance in all things concerning captive wolf type animals. All animals are placed into screened homes using a full adoption contract. Full blood wolves are never released to the public as pets nor will a hybrid wolf be had if the recipient fails the screening process. Various local and distant facilities and animal regulators have come to rely on the expertise that is provided from WHAR Wolf Rescue in identifying potential hybrid wolves found without proper documentation. All the while continuing to serve as a means of factual practical education regarding a variety of subject matter such as, proper containment, quality diets, humane treatment, discouragement of breeding practices, proper exercise, body language communication (wolf speak), U.S. wild wolf reintroduction programs, no wolves as pets philosophy, general animal education on captive wolves and hybrids, ownership realities for current or potential owners or adopters-to-be, spay and neuter information, legal ownership guide for your local municipality, veterinarian selection guidance, and what to do if your animal kills something. Currently run as a grass roots movement, WHAR Wolf Rescue is comprised of a seven person board of directors who are unpaid for their services rendered. A variety of well trained volunteers staff the facility although there are always more openings then volunteers. All helpers are fully trained and orientated for safety, security, and care. As we have found out in building our mission, we are only as good as our plan. Therefore we have created a basic plan of care, concern, education, and a heartfelt devotion and then never wavered from that mission. We are always so delighted to welcome visitors and new training volunteers who share our enormous passion for all things."

Image from WHARF Wolf Rescue Website

If you are interested in supporting this effort, the organization is in need of relocating, so funds are greatly needed.  As always, 30% of the profits from  any of my PawPrintArt cards sold during the month of January will be donated to WHAR Wolf Rescue.  If you are interested in donating directly, you can do that through their website: http://www.wharwolves.org/index.htm.

Thank you for helping to ensure that these beautiful animals are properly cared for!  ~Zoe

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