Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursdays Tip: New Furniture protection

Disclaimer: Not the actual chair = )

My humans got a new chaise lounge for Christmas.  I've seen them reclining on that thing looking EXTREMELY comfortable and thought, "hey, what about me!"  So I tried it...  Needless to say, when I was discovered on the rather comfortable new piece of furniture, I was immediately told, "OFF".  I immediately gave up my place on the comfy new chaise and moved over the sofa (also comfortable AND a piece of furniture that I am allowed on.) 

So, how do you allow your pet on some pieces of furniture and not others?  Training of course.  To keep me off of the chaise (when they are not in the room), my humans will put tin foil on the chair.  As soon as my paws hit the foil, it makes a rather obnoxious noise and I turn tail and move to the acceptable sofa.  Of course when my humans are in the room the chaise will be foil free and if I go near the chaise, they will give me an "ah!" if I even think about getting on that thing.

Oh well, although there is a new temptation in the house, I will continue to enjoy my vantage spot from my ever so comfy sofa.  ~Zoe

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