Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday's Weave: The Great American Melodrama

Last night my hu-mom and her BFF Saundra went to the Great American Melodrama in Oceano, CA.  They saw "The Holiday Extravaganza: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens -- A Brand-New Fractured Fairy-tale Opera by Marian Partee & Jordan Richardson.  The Melodrama does a great job, has wonderfully talented performers, and is VERY creative...well at least according to my hu-mom!  


Little Red Riding Hood (a VERY modern version!)

Reindeer Rap (Yes, Rudolph finally gets to join in the Reindeer games!)

The 12 Days of Christmas (VERY creative!)

At this point you are probably wondering why I'm talking about the Melodrama, but please bear with me...

At the Melodrama, if you are lucky enough to get a seat on the main floor of the theatre, they seat you at a table for four...well, being that there were just two in my hu-mom's party, they were seated with two ladies -- Rosie from Riverside and Rosie's sister, from Wyoming.  Anyway, before the performance started...and during the intermissions, my hu-mom and Saundra talked with Rosie and Rosie's sister.  They quickly learned that they all had something in common...their dog-sons and dog-ters.  As they chatted, my hu-mom was impressed with the bond that humans have with their canines and the incredible love that helps to heal the wounded heart.  You see, Rosie and her sister shared about some very difficult times in their lives that their dog-sons and dog-ters helped them through.  Yes, that is one of the traits we canines have...that of unconditional love.  Whether you are happy, sad, stressed, angry, etc. we can sense it and will respond. 

Our lives are interwoven for a reason.  Today, I encourage you to look around at those you come in contact with and offer a smile...and if that someone you come in contact with is a canine, then a scratch behind the ears...but if it is a dog that is unknown to you, please ask the owners permission first.

Have a woof-derful day!  ~Zoe

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