Monday, December 14, 2009

Chapter 9: Puppy Kindergarten (continued)

Well, here we are with more on Puppy Kindergarten.  So far we have covered the things our humans need to keep in mind:
1. The importance of trust
2. Our learning capabilities
3. The importance of hard work
4. How to put on and use our collars properly
5. The three voices (correction, neutral, and command)
6. The importance of timing

Basic commands:
1. Sit
2. Come
3. Down
4. Stay

And best of all... Puppy Massage!

This week we put all of the above into practice...

Then Lisa broke it up by introducing us to the outdoor exercise equipment on campus.  She wanted our humans to expose us to multiple surfaces and heights, so we wouldn't be fearful when approaching changes in the surface of our walking paths -- also, she told our humans that this exercise would help build trust.  Lisa had us climb up and down a small incline, walk on bumpy surfaces, asphalt, dirt, grass, cement and across a wobbly plank of wood. 

This week was pretty intense and ended with my favorite...a Puppy Massage.  Ahhhhh.

Until tomorrow, have a Grrrrreat day!  ~Zoe

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