Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursdays Tip: Keeping Your Pet Safe from Holiday Hazards

I love the Christmas Season -- all the lights, ornaments, bright red flowers, and the smell of pine!  Those ornaments look fun...round and sparkly.  I want my hu-mom or hu-man to throw them so I could go fetch it, but for some reason they keep them up high and away from me... ~Zoe

Zoe's hu-mom here.  The holiday season is filled with trees, lights, decorations and flowers that bring us joy, but they may be dangerous to your pets.  Today I thought I would share a few tips from the Dumb Friends League to be aware of, in order to allow you AND your pet(s) enjoy the holidays.

Christmas Tree Safety:
  • If you have a live Christmas tree, there are a couple of things you want to be aware of: 1) keep the water stand covered -- Pine sap mixed with water makes a poisonous drink for your pet.  2) The smell of a live tree may cause your dog to "mark" the tree -- you may want to consider keeping your tree in an isolated room, or on a table top.
  • If your tree is on the floor, decorate the bottom third of the tree with non-breakable ornaments.
  • Secure your Christmas tree to a wall or ceiling hook with sturdy fishing line.  This will help prevent the tree from toppling over should your pet jump on it or accidently knock it over.
  • If you see that an ornament, ornament hook, tinsel, ribbon, etc. has fallen on the floor, please pick it up immediately.  These things can cause serious internal injuries if your pet ingests them.
  • Make sure your tree lights don't hang so low that your pet could get entangled in them, and ALWAYS unplug the lights when you are not home and your pet is.
Holiday Treats
  • Holiday treats are tempting to our pets too, so please keep holiday treats and candies out of your pet's reach.  Also please be aware that chocolate, onions, raisins and alcohol can be fatal to dogs!
Holiday Plants
  • Some holiday plants are poisonious, so please place your poinsettias, mistletoe and other popular holiday plants out of the reach of your pets.  
Enjoy a safe Christmas and holiday season!  ~Deborah (Zoe's hu-mom)

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