Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday's Weave

Woven into my story, is the story of Kip – my brother from another mother…and father. Kip was my hu-man’s Daddy’s guard dog. Not much is known about Kip’s life, before he came to live with my hu-mom and hu-man, but I’ll share what I know.

Kip is a german shepherd mix – we know that because he has some German Shepherd features, black and tan coloring, curved tail, barrel chest, narrow hips, dark rimmed eyes, a long nose, and he’s huge! The other part of the mix is an unknown – people have guessed Corgi, due to his rounded ears and kind face, but that is something we will never know.


 German Shepherd




I mentioned before that Kip was a guard dog. His job was to bark – and he did (and still does) his job well!

Kip spent his days and nights at his Daddy’s business. When my hu-mom and hu-man would go visit, they kept their distance from Kip – they were afraid of him! When my hu-man’s Daddy retired, Kip came to live with him and his wife at their home as an “outdoor” dog. When my hu-man’s Daddy went away to heaven, my hu-man swallowed his fear and went and let Kip off his chain….

My hu-mom says that right after my hu-man let Kip off his chain, he ran an errand and left her and Kip alone at the house -- my hu-mom inside and Kip outside – they still hadn’t met face to face. While my hu-man was gone, some “seedy looking character” came to the gate, and Kip went into action. He went to the front door, stood in front of it, faced the person at the gate and started barking. My hu-mom came to the door and her heart was changed. She knew in that instant that Kip meant to protect her and not hurt her.

My hu-mom and hu-man returned from that trip with Kip in tow. My hu-mom and hu-man were not what you call “dog” people, so Kip was an outdoor dog and wasn’t allowed in the house – afterall, dogs are dirty, smelly, sheddy and slobbery…or at least that was the perception.

Kip has become an important member of the family and I’ll share more about him in next Wednesday’s Weave.

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