Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday's Telling: Give a Boy a Dog Update

I am absolutely pAWEd by the way humans have rallied together to help support Cooper Giron and his need for an allergen-alert dog. The Giron family has now raised $5,000.00 -- that means they can now order Cooper's dog!  Cooper's dog will come from Angel Service Dogs, and although there is still an additional $5,000.00 to be raised, ASD can start training a dog specifically for Cooper.

We dogs have a great sense of smell, so according to Angel Service Dogs, "Scent detection is a perfect job for a correctly trained dog" and "once trained by a master trainer, a dog will be able to detect trace elements of an allergen in any form; raw, cooked, oil, butter, dust, etc."  I'm so happy that one of my canine buddies will have such an important job!

I want to PAWsonally thank you too, for purchasing my PawPrintArt cards.  We have sold 11 to date and 30% of the profits will go to help Cooper get his dog.  If you are in need of Thanksigving cards, you may want to consider our Turkey PawPrintArt card -- it will provide you with a whimsical card that you can send your loved ones AND help support animal and human rescue.

Well, time for a belly rub, so I'll talk with you again soon...  Zoe

1 comment:

Cooper's Dog said...

Love it! They are so cute! How wonderful you guys are for supporting our son, it means so, so,sooo much to us!

Thank you!
I am going to place an order sooooon!